December 19, 2015 Eugenia Papadopoulou

The most beautiful island in Europe

The Travellers Choice Awards are being announced every year by Trip Advisor, the largest travel website in the world, and highlight the most beautiful islands. This year, 2015, Santorini is voted the most beautiful island in Europe.

The worldwide famous and reliable tourism magazine Travel and Leisure awards Santorini as the most beautiful island all over the world in 2014.
Santorini always occupies one of the highest places on the list of the top 20 places you MUST see before you die and so goes on.
Millions of visitors every year, many cruise ship calls, thousands of honeymooners, myriad of sunset- caldera photos and #Santorini hashtags on the various social media, but at the end Is this small island worth all this hype?!

The answer is DEFINITELY YES!

Santorini [sandoˈrini] or Thera /ˈθɪərə/ is without any doubts one of the most beautiful, fascinating, magical and charming places on this planet and I am here to “justify” to you the many reasons why. So, hello!

I am Ευγενία (evʝeˈnia) or Eugenia in English /juːˈdʒiːniə/ and I am a licensed tourist guide qualified by the Greek Ministry of Tourism and Culture after attending the 3 year course on the National School of Tourist Guides. I consider myself very lucky as I live and work in Santorini practicing the job I’ve always dreamt about. Through this blog I would like to introduce you to my island, to make you get inspired and provide you information and tips about our island. But above all to share! Share knowledge, icons, feeling and moments of my everyday life. Because sharing is caring. As a tourist guide I am always on the move and I really love to get to know new people, places and things. Will you join me in this journey?! Please, be my guests!

Eugenia, your Santorini Guide 😉

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