January 14, 2021 Eugenia Papadopoulou

10 Fun facts about Santorini, inside information by a licensed tourist guide

Blue domes and volcano ?

Are you visiting Santorini for the first time? Planning your vacations on the island? Welcome!

Rule number one: there is just one thing that you should never forget: Santorini is the island that never ceases to amaze anyone who visits! Here there are some useful info for you to know! Some tips that I have collected after a number of years of experience

1. As soon as you step your foot on Santorini the beauty of the island will leave you like WOW! Be ready for it! There are no worlds to describe this overwhelming scenery! This masterpiece was created exclusively by one architect and artist: NATURE! The shape of the island of Santorini has changed numerous times throughout its history due to various volcanic eruptions!

2. Numerous scholars, mystery hunters and just us, common people ? believe that Santorini is the Lost Atlantis! What do you think?

3. There are no street names, numbers or addresses. Therefore no gps or Google maps. You just follow your heart! Nah! Just kidding! It’s not difficult to find your destination, and even if you feel that you are getting lost along the white and blue houses there will always be a kind guy around willing to help you! Greeks are generally hospitable and helpful!

4. Some 3600 years ago a cataclysmic volcanic eruption destroyed and sunk the biggest part of the island that till then used to be a round. Simultaneously, one of the most powerful and prosperous civilizations of the whole world gor destroyed! Today we can witness the impressively high technological, economical and artistic achievements that prehistoric “santorinians” were enjoying in the Archeological site of Akrotiri. What do you mean what you say you have not seen the 3.600 years old toilet still in a prehistoric house? Get a guided tour!

5. As Italians are proud of the archeological site of Pompei, οn Santorini we take pride of the other, older “Pompei” case and that’s the archeological site of Akrotiri. Definitely a must see!

6. Among the narrow alleys of Santorini you will run into many blue domes. These buildings are all churches! There are some hundreds of beautiful, tiny, photogenic and picturesque chappels sparse all over the island, some of them are architectural jewels! All of them blend with grace in the island’s landscape.

7. On Santorini we enjoy an impressive 3000 hours of sunshine per year and it rarely rains. Snow?! What does this word mean?!

8. Tap water is not potable. Οn the other hand though wine is plentiful!

9. Most of the visitors remain mainly on the beauty of the island, the volcano and the sunset! But my suggestion is to let Santorini surprise you with her long and interestingand unique history too. Two archeological sites: Akrotiri: the Greek “Pompei” and the Doric (yes Sparta- Leonidas etc) colony – Ancient city of Thira, two museums at Fira, a collection of Byzantine icons and treasures and a Wine museum of course are here for you to browse through the unique history of this island!

10. Some of the grape varieties still cultivated are those that our ancestors were using many centuries ago. Actually on Santorini we still grow some of the indigenous Ancient Greek grape varieties! Have I just given you another good reason to sample Santorini wine or is just my idea?!

I really hope that you found these information useful and I can’t wait to meet you and show you around my beautiful island!

PS: feel free to contact me for any further questions or requests.

Lots of love,

Eugenia- your Santorini guide ?

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