April 15, 2021 Eugenia Papadopoulou

Should I visit Santorini in April or should I not?

Santorini: the island of love, fire and romance! 

Planning to visit Santorini in early spring time? Well, in this time of the year I love tour guiding even more! Let me tell you what you should know before booking your Santorini April holiday. 10 things you must know by a licensed tourist guide, local insider and Santorini expert! 

April is the beginnings of the touristic season and the first “official” spring month! 

Days start getting longer and temperatures higher! Most of the businesses are setting up for the season and all locals are more than ready to welcome visitors after the hibernation winter mode! 

Although there are cruiseship calls and the island is already busy for sure it’s not packed yet. Visiting Santorini in April means that you avoid the crowds and you have the island almost exclusively yours!  Can you imagine watching one of the most memorable sunsets of your life without being surrounded by thousand other tourists? Santorini all yours! No crowds anywhere, just uninterrupted beauty and serenity. Don’t even think of missing the chance to book and a tour and explore the authentic Santorini at her best! 

Being at the very start of the season you can score very reasonable rates in accommodation and air tickets. Making the decision to visit Santorini in April raises the chances of staying in one of the most high end hotels and enjoying exceptional services in lower deals. 

How is the weather in Santorini in April? Most of the times the weather is warm, sunny and pleasant with a middle temperature of 16oC approximately 66 F. But! BUT spring time in Greece is unpredictable and unstable in general. It is not unusual to be strolling around with just a T- shirt one day and then experience a few minutes of hail the day after, and then  sunny again! Day temperatures make touring, sightseeing, hiking and sitting by the pool very comfortable and pleasant. Have I mentioned swimming? No. Seawater has not had the chance to warm up yet, you can expect a mere 16oC/61oF for water temperature. Also, you will notice that as the sun sets the temperature gets much lower. April nights can not be characterized warm; I usually turn the heat on very often in this time of the year.

April is perfect for beach stroll and some minutes of sunbathing! Who doesn’t want the Santorini sun tan without the sun burn?! There is some freshness in the air and as the temperatures are still moderate you can get lots of Vitamin Sea! 

Santorini turns gradually in April to a fully operational international destination. Most of the hotels and restaurants will have already set up but keep in mind that some others are still getting ready. Some mini markers and grocery shops as well may be open just on specific hours during the day. Nightlife is not frenetic in April. 

The event that marks April and the full begging of the season is most the times Easter. By Easter everything will be ready and open! 

Depending on when Easter is celebrated you may be lucky enough to participate in a traditional Greek Πανυγηρι- feast! A big celebration that will give you the chance to engage with the local community. I love taking you off the beaten path during my tours and share with you experiences that only few know! 

For all of us  April  is the month of  “rebirth”  and you may have heard how superstitious we, Greeks, are! We take very seriously the ποδαρικό- podariko thing! What is podariko? Well, the translation itself is not of great help, there is a whole concept behind it ?We firmly believe that the one who first enters first your house on New Year, the first person to step in your shop- business on a Monday morning etc will determine how lucky, positive and successful the rest of the year/ week: season will be. With that being said you understand how much care we take of the first visitors of the season! We want to guarantee the very best of the experiences for all those who honor us by visiting Santorini at the beginning of the season making sure that so ready to welcome you and give our best! 

Last but not least, everybody knows that Santorini is a dry island. Well, not in April! Wildflowers and daisies, poppies, thyme and various herbs roll out like a colorful carpet and seduce all of us with their blossom and their  fine aromas! There are some hidden – post card like places I take you during our excursion for you to experience and take unbelievable photos! 

Santorini is wonderful all year round! April is the ideal month for sightseeing tours, hiking, real exploration and perfect photos! Will you consider visiting Santorini in April? 

Lots of love, 

Eugenia, your santoriniguide.gr ?

Daisies everywhere! And breathtaking view too

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