August 16, 2020 Eugenia Papadopoulou

Top five places to watch the sunset in Santorini

One of the most famous attractions of Santorini is definitely the sunset! Millions of photos and Instagram posts, various impressive paintings, a big number of poems not to mention the unbelievably number of “I do” s that have been inspired and generated by the unique spectacle  and the magic atmosphere that every evening nature so generously offers to all of us! It’s the magical time on the magical island when the sky seems to get on fire as the sun dims in the Aegean Sea and the waters of the active volcano.

Another magical element is that every sunset is so unique and special as the perspective changes completely and we are lucky enough to have many different choices and points of view! I have chosen my most favorite spots for sunset watching and I am here to share them with you 

1) Oia: the all time classic one! Oia is located on the northern tip of the west side of the island. The architecture and the beauty of the village of Oia will leave you nothing else but breathless! Can you immagine the contrast of the lava rock and the colorful, old fishermen cave houses? Then add a little bit of the sunset color palette: gold and pink tones as the sun dives in the crystal clean water of the Aegean Sea, the scenery is postcard perfect! 
Tip: you can watch the sunset from the ruins of the old fortress at the very end of the village. The space is limited and the visitors are numerous so try to be there as early as possible to claim the best space and please don’t forget to start applauding together with all the other astonished people by the unique spectacle when the sun sets down
Your guide suggests: why don’t you try to walk down the steps, approximately 350 of them, and watch the sunset from Ammoudi? Ammoudi used to be a port and there are excellent fish taverns there

2) From the sea: if you don’t like crowds there is a great alternative for you: to watch the sunset while cruising the caldera. There are several cruise options and we can help you choose the most suitable for you. That means that you can watch the famous sunset while sailing in the active volcano. 

3) Profet Elias: the most elevated point of Santorini, approximately 565 meters above sea level. No need to tell you that the views from the highest most point of Santorini are panoramic. At the top of the island there is the monastery of Profitis Ilias which may happen to be closed but you can still watch the sunset from the surrounding area. Extra tip: weather permitting you can gaze a really big part of the Aegean Sea as well and many other near by islands! 

4) The lighthouse of Santorini: a narrow road will take you to the southern tip of the island where the historic lighthouse is located! The landscape is so wild and special, quiet reignsand as the sun sets in the sea the vistas are unblocked and the sunset watchers are overrun with feelings of awe and excitement. Just epic! 

5) Last but not least: Imerovigli: one of the oldest settlements of Santorini perches at the highest point of the cliffside and offers unique views in a vast area around the island. In Imerovigli there are some of the most high end hotels, restaurants and bars but above all in Imerovigli you will find one of my most favorite spots all over Santorini: the small church of Saint George that was built hanging in the caldera after a miracle! Moving story, spectacular views! Once you get to Imerovigli, you park at the parking lot and you start going up the pedestrian part of the village then a few step steps will take you down to the yard of the old church which is located right above the rock of Skaros. There you are, ready to participate in one of the most unforgettable experiences of your trip! 

Please note that the above mentioned places and spots are just some of the many choices from you watch the sunset! Santorini is a small island with millions of opportunities for exceptional views! Don’t remain on the stereotypes, “get lost” in the beauty of the island and discover your personal favorite place for sunset watching, then do not forget to share it with us! 
The secret is very simple: come here with an open heart! This island has so much to give you! ????Beauty is everywhere around us when our eyes and heart are open to witness it! 

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